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The Spirit of the River

The Spirit of the River


Diane McCarthy


The Spirit of the River, a novel of uncommon passion and grace, weaves together the stories of two extraordinary people. Jack Anson is a young man who, after an intense and spiritual experience, turns his back on a life of privilege to follow his own path as a river guide. Terri Valle is a young woman determined to overcome an upbringing shaped by her strange, reclusive mother. When Terri’s mother is found brutally murdered, Terri’s journey becomes an unreal nightmare through a justice system intent on convicting her of the crime. As the case against Terri moves inexorably forward, Jack grows more and more desperate to save the life of the woman he loves.

This breakout novel, rich in beauty and riveting suspense, will capture your heart and hold you until its shocking conclusion.

















The Spirit of the River

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